Choosing a Log Home Maintenance Contractor

The following are some general guidelines to help you choose a contractor to perform the chinking, staining, and other maintenance work on your log home;

First get the names of several companies who perform the type of maintenance which you are undertaking. You can find these names by asking other log home owners who have had similar work done on their homes, through magazine ads, yellow pages listings, material suppliers generally have a list of contractors in the area or through manufacturer's websites like the one at the Sashco Sealants website.

It is always a good idea to use contractors that have attended a manufacturer's training program like the Zero Failures Training offered by Sashco. The ZF course is the best applicator teaching seminar of it's kind in the country. However, you must remember that these contractors do not work for Sashco, are not certified by Sashco in any way, and are not supervised by Sashco. The ZF brand means that the person listed on the website has attended and completed the course on how to properly apply Sashco products. This does not mean that all of the employees that work for a particular company have been to the course- though many have. You should choose a log home finishing contractor in the same way as you would choose any person to work on your home. The following guidelines will help;

Posted July 23, 2006- This article was written and provided by; Paul Peebles, Sashco Sealants Sales Rep. for the Southeastern United States

Paul has been involved with many log home restoration and maintenance projects, written several articles and regularly gives log home maintenance seminars in his capacity as a Sashco Sale Representative. Paul has extensive knowledge about log home maintenance and will be a regular contributor to this forum.

If you have questions for Paul or any of our contributors contact us at Ask the Experts and we will attempt to answer them.