Half Log Mantle Installation Instructions

Isometric Log Mantle Drawing

Figure "A"


Log Mantle Section Thru Wall

Figure "B"

Mantle Assembly & Installation

  1. When you receive your mantle it may be packaged in one or more packages depending on the size of the mantle. Your mantle was carefully packaged for shipping, so check to see that it was not damaged in transit. Immediately inspect all the packages for any visible damage and note damage on the delivery ticket or bill of lading. It is generally best to inspect the contents while the driver is present and before signing for the package. If the driver will not wait while you inspect the package contents, note; "Driver would not wait, subject to inspection." on the delivery ticket. Carefully remove mantle from packaging and check for shipping damage. Refuse any package which contains obviously damaged or missing contents. If you discover hidden shipping damage contact us at once. Retain all packaging material so that it may be inspected by the carrier.
  2. Once you have inspected your mantle, note that the mantle and both supports are marked as to orientation. The orientation is always as you face the mantle when it is installed, front is on the side toward you, right support on your right and left support on your left. The mantle will be marked with arrows showing which side is the front (arrows pointing toward you) and which ends are left and right. The mantle supports will also be marked left and right, with the flat sides marked inside or outside, depending on if you requested them to be on a specific side. If you do not request otherwise, the flats will be on the outside (the side facing toward the ends of the mantle, see Fig. "A" at left) . These supports are coped to fit a specific location on the mantle and have been attached to the mantle at our shop with one or two lag bolts. We then removed them for shipping. You must re-attach the log mantle supports back in the exact location where they came from or they will not fit correctly.
  3. To re-install the supports, place your mantle face down with the front facing toward you. If the mantle is prefinished be sure to lay it on a soft blanket or other material to protect it from scratches. Then insert the lag bolts which have been supplied with your mantle into the pre-drilled holes in the supports. Push the bolts all the way through so they extend out the other side. Then insert the sharp end into the correct hole in the bottom of the mantle. Make sure that if more than one lag bolt is used on a side, that both bolts are correctly positioned. Then tighten with a 5/16" hex socket or driver bit until snug. Do not over tighten as you will need to remove the bolts later.
  4. Once you have both supports re-attached to the mantle, you are ready to build the pockets in the wall framing. This is where your mantle supports will be fastened (See Fig. "B" below left). Measure the out to out dimensions of the flats on the mantle supports ( or if you requested the flats to face inward, the inside to inside dimension) and position a wall stud at this location on both sides of the fireplace. You may want to double this stud if your mantle is very large or you feel you need extra support. You may also want to position a piece of horizonal blocking between the studs that will be on either side of the mantle supports either above, below or in both locations to form a pocket around the mantle support. Remember that it is important that the mantle supports be ridgidly attached so that when your mason lays the rock around them they will not be dislodged or re-positioned which would cause them not to fit correctly to the mantle when it is re-installed.
  5. Once you have constructed these pockets in the wall framing it is time to install the mantle and supports into the pockets and attach the supports to the wall framing. Carefully insert both supports into the pocket holes then attach with lag bolts or screws. Make sure that your mantle is relatively level both end to end and front to back. You may need to use wood shims above or below the supports to assist in leveling the mantle and holding it in place. Also make sure that you have allowed enough space between the mantle and the wall sheathing to allow for the thickness of your rock or other masonry material. You will probably need to cut off the excess length of the mantle supports to allow them to fit within the wall cavity unless the wall is open on the back side into the flue chase.
  6. Now that you have securely attached the mantle supports to the wall framing, and made sure that it is level in both directions. We recommend that your either remove the mantle and store it for re-attachment later or throughly protect it from damage during the installation of your rock or masonry by wrapping it with several layers of cardboard or other protective material.
  7. Once your masonry is complete you are ready to re-install the mantle and enjoy.